The d20 is a hobby site for my friends and I to document the different projects we are working on. Poke around and check out what we are doing.

  • The Party
  • Alya
  • Bran
  • Breton
  • Luna
  • Max
  • Tanna
  • Tia
  • Cauldron Riot
  • Cathedral of Feathers
  • Lower Cathedral

The Table



Female Elf Rogue 3

Alya's lithe frame and nimble fingers make her ideal for the life of a thief. Her elven heritage kept her on the straight and narrow and instilled in her the desire to learn. She has moved to Cauldron to use these traits as an explorer and guide.




Max The Spear

"Who Stabs You in the Face"
Male Human Fighter 3

Max was born to be a fighter. He tried his luck at the city guard but ultimately to was too boring and he was unable to stand out. He has now taken up adventuring so he can prove himself to his family and his spear.





Female Half-elf Soulknife 3

Tia has the unique ability to use the strength of her mind to forge a weapon made of pure thought. She tried to apply this skill by being a body guard but after one small failure she was black listed. She now plans to prove everyone wrong by joining a small adventuring group and protecting the city, whether they like it or not.




Breton the Haunted

Male Elven Cleric of Wee Jas 3

Breton began having "the dreams" at a young age. Terrible visions of evil and death. They became so bad that Breton can no longer reach the reverie that elves enjoy. He now follows the teachings of Wee Jas hoping to understand death and how it relates to his dreams.





Female Gnome Bard 3

Luna's family comes from the remote town of Cauldron. Feeling stifled by the small town as soon as she was old enough she went out to experience the world. She has now returned to her home town to make a name for herself.




Bran Calidore

Male Human Wizard 3

Bran's training in magic got cut short when his uncle made him leave the town of Red Gorge. Now in Cauldron he has resumed his training and is trying to make money adventuring so he can bring his fiance to the city.





Female Half-elf Duskblade 3

Tanna has spent her life trying to not only blend her two heritages but also the skills of both her elven mother and human father. In turn she uses a sword just as effectively as she wields magic.




Critical Hits


  • Paizo

    These guys used to produce Dungeon and Dragons magazines.  They picked up the D&D 3.5 torch after Wizards moved on to 4E.  Their work is just awesome.  I can't recommend them enough for your gaming needs.

  • ThinkGeek

    All the merchandise you could ever want related to gaming or anything else to bring out your inner geek.

  • Jinx

    Specializing in mostly clothing and accessories, I can't tell you how much of my wardrobe is made up of their stuff.  Any gamer or any kind should be able to find something they like.

  • Woot

    A site that has new deals every day.  They have evrything from shirts to electronics to kids toys.  It's a site you can check out every day to see whats new and on sale.



  • No More Kings

    Great band with so many pop culture references I can't even keep track of the all. If you're a geek you need to listen.

  • Krondor Krew

    A small band out of I think Florida. They are self prclaimed ninja hip-hop. Their songs about D&D are what really pulled me in.

  • Motogruv

    A local band (local for us) made up of some of our friends. Give them alisten and see what you think.

  • InVirtue

    What can I say another local band with some friends. We love to support our friends.


Web Comics

  • Baujahr

    Written by Corey and drawn by Levi, this comic will keep you guessing as to what they will do next. A special kind of strangeness that only Corey can think of its always fun and interesting.

  • Strobe

    Another comic written and drawn by Levi. It's on hiatus currently but you can go back and look at all the previous comics.

  • d20Monkey

    A web comic that comes out several times a week, Brain takes a look at the ins and outs of a gaming group. You see different play styles and how real life sometimes interferes with fantasy life.

  • Thunderfrog Studios

    A web comic with some print on demand options. They are just getting started but already they have a few original comics and then a few comics based on independent movies and web series. They are working on comics for several of the ZOE family worlds.

Web Series

  • Transolar Galactica

    A very well done web series set in space where the delusional ships captain leads his hapless crew into trouble.

  • Glitch

    A web series about a guy struggling with life and only when it starts to play like a video game does he learn to take control.

  • Standard Action

    They produce a really awesome web series that pokes fun at some D&D stereotypes.

  • Dead Gentlemen

    I can't say enough about these folks. They made the two most awesome gamers movies out there and now make the web series Journey Quest.



  • Two Bards, One Mic

    A Seattle based podcast with a couple guys from the Zoe family. Listen them update you on all the interesting indy projects they are working on and answer questions from their listeners.

  • Crit Juice

    A podcast recording of D&D games with a twist. These folks have combined drinking games with roleplaying games. They have drinking rules related die rolls and interesting circumstances. Made up of a number of actors, they really getting into their characters especially once they have been drinking.

  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour

    A staged podcast with some big name actors as guests they write and produce it as if was an old time radio show.

  • Clinically Inane

    Another Seattle based podcast. This dynamic duo talk about all things geeky and get on special guests as often as they can.

Diners on the Storm

  • Appetizer
  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Fourth Course

Fifth Storm

  • Appetizer
  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Fourth Course

Fourth Storm

  • Appetizer
  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Fourth Course

Third Storm

  • Appetizer
  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Fourth Course

Second Storm

  • Appetizer
  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Fourth Course

First Storm


  • Numenera Rage Bear
  • Mavic Stonerender Kuth-Go, Barbarian
  • Ba-Tak, Sorcerer (Uldra Body)
  • Luna Fendalla, Bard
  • Noola, Druid
  • Toola, Fighter
  • Quinn, Cleric
  • Tia, Soulknife
  • Lower Cathedral
  • Layla, Rogue
  • Luddock, Artificer
  • Bran Calidore, Wizard
  • Kalivak, Cleric
  • Babbette, Fighter
  • Lexi, Dragon Shaman
  • Finn, Rogue
  • Breton the Haunted, Cleric
  • Cathedral of Feathers
  • Eberron Dinosuar
  • Alya, Rogue
  • Ar-ron, Wizard
  • Wren, Adventurer
  • Max the Spear, Fighter
  • Ba-Tak, Sorcerer (Human Body)
  • Korvik, Bear Warrior
  • Tanna, Duskblade
  • Cauldron Riot
  • Amalgam, Superhero
  • Blue Field, Superhero
  • Clary, Superhero
  • Kid Torrent, Superhero
  • Redwing, Superhero
Here are some of my selected works, click on each thumbnail to see the details in the larger image.

The Pod

There was a time when I was listening to a lot of podcasts. I tend to listen to the laid back chat podcasts about all things geek. One day Corey and I were talking about podcasts and we thought maybe people would want to listen to us and if nothing else we have documented our chats. Then we had to decide on some kind of structure even if it is loose. What better than to roll a d20 and let the roll pick our topic. We don't make them as often as we like but we do what we can.


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